It is very normal to get all nervous and tensed during exams and on the day of results. Students as well as their parents and guardians feel restless until the results are known. Knowing exam results, especially for big tests like the quarterly, half-yearly and final exams can be really stressful. Handling of pressure at the time of release of results is completely relied upon the way by which results are declared.

Some schools and colleges give the date of result during the time of exams, so students have to visit the school or college on that date to get the results, while some declare results in the local newspapers. Also, the development of internet has assisted to know the results in more convenient way by checking on the official website of the school or college. In all of these ways the waiting time to know the results is high which in turn increase anxiety or stress.

This might sound surprising, but now a number of schools have started to use bulk SMS for education and send exam results via Bulk transactional SMS. This way they are able to update both the students and their parents at the same time. Also, schools are able to ensure that the parents are aware of their kid’s exam results and scores. The recent advancement of mobile technology and SMS is the best way to send out the message including exam results. Bulk SMS for education is the most reliable way to send exam results that can be received instantly.

SMS service is the easy and simple means to convey exam results as these messages reach directly to the gadget that is always in one’s hands or pockets, just after the announcements. For schools or colleges who continuously suffer from budgetary restrictions, bulk SMS for education assists save valuable resources. No more stacks of paper lost beneath leaf piles on the playground or in the bottom of backpacks. You don’t have to worry about installations of new technology or high set-up costs.

Why opt for bulk SMS for colleges to send exam results

  • The results can be sent immediately just after the announcement
  • It is the reliable, quick and easy way to reach everyone
  • The moments of stress, anxiety and pressure is eliminated
  • With pocket friendly method it can reach huge group of people
  • Without any constraints or restrictions the message reaches wherever the recipient is


SMS is a marketing tool and a method of modern communication used in N number of industries. It is now introduced into education sector to serve on numerous purposes like sending notifications, announcements, lectures/classes, exam cancellations and even personalized texts. The experience to get exam results is always very stressful and as a result sending exam results via SMS is the most convenient way for both the parties to share the information.
So, find a reliable smart Bulk messaging service to get started fast.