Bulk SMS has proven helpful for several companies, especially when it comes to promoting seasonal events like Mother’s Day. This year Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 6th March 2016 in UK, because of the lunar calendar, the date changes every year. As a result, sending customer reminders of your special services and great offers in time for this great occasion is important.

According to a survey, buyers spend 75% more on Mother’s Day as compared to Father’s Day. This difference in spending indicates that the day means more to mothers than it does to fathers; with the special gifts like chocolates, flowers, spa sessions, etc. With a huge 45% of text messaging campaigns producing a successful ROI, implementing SMS in your marketing campaign for this year’s Mother’s Day is perfect.

When developing your next SMS marketing plan ensure you remember “Mom” to maximize ROI with SMS.

  • Make great offers

If your company has special offers for Mother’s Day presents, consider promoting them through SMS. For example, if you have a salon or spa, you could send an SMS giving discount on particular treatments just for mothers. Similarly, if you run a hotel offering exclusive meals or maybe a girly evening snacks. Whatever exclusive promotion you are giving for Mother’s Day you can promote these easily and quickly by using bulk SMS. You can also go for two ways messaging, which means your clients can reply back making an appointment. You can also personalize each SMS to increase engagement rate.

  • Order now

Along with telling your clients about your special Mother’s Day offers, ensure you let them know the last date they can place an order for the special day. With 91% of clients having their mobile phones always with them SMS reminders are perfect. For example, if you run a bakery, you might be busier than normal during this time, so make sure your clients know they can’t delay it too late to place an order.


  • Run competitions

Mother’s day is a perfect seasonal event to run a competition. How your company can benefit from a free giveaway? By using keywords and short-code for your clients to enter the competition, you are gaining critical client data and creating your SMS service list. You won’t only be creating your service list; you are also endorsing and gaining brand awareness to a huge number of people.

  • Event planning

Are you organizing any special event for your clients? Make your clients feel special by sending exclusive and personalized invitations of the event via SMS. With 98% of SMS being opened within 3 minutes, in times of emergency and convenience SMS is a key “go to” tool for event planning.


  • Have call to action

It is great to send any promotions or reminders via SMS gateway API, but what do you want the receiver to do after reading your text? Including an obvious call to action, like a shortened URL link to a particular landing page or your website can assist direct clients to the place they are most expected to benefit from the offer you are giving. You can also include keyword and a short code as a call to action, so it will be simple for clients to communicate. Like clients code text “Order” to 41685 with their personal details, message and preferred time they want to get the order delivered at the receiver’s doorstep.

  • Timing is important

Text message marketing is the perfect medium for advertising services, but if you send SMS about offers and deals too close to the 6thMarch , your clients may have already gone somewhere else. Make sure products and exclusive offers stand out against competitors by giving sufficient notification of the offers you are running due to this special occasion.


With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to start promoting your services and products through text messages.