SMS marketing is an effective channel for sales and promotions, it is quick, and so your client base will receive SMS really fast. There are a number of ways to use bulk SMS service to drive sales, here we are listing a few of them:

Event promotions

You can send bulk SMS to promote your event, provide discounted entry passes or entrée to V.I.P areas. Event organizers can also conduct competitions where people can reply quiz questions to get a chance to meet performers at your event.

Content promotion

Magazines could send out teaser of helpful information that the reader can find in upcoming issue. This will encourage the sale of the publication. Magazines can also partner with stage, film or music promoters to provide their clients a first look, or update about the latest album or tracks, which could increase attendance or sales on the official release.

Incentives for online shopping

Offers like free gift or free shipping when clients buy online can increase sales. You can do this by adding a special code in your SMS which the client is required to enter during the online checkout.

Time sensitive offers

This type of bulk SMS marketing works best for the travel and service industries. They can provide an exclusive discount to clients on renewing their contracts, or if they book with you before a particular date.

Send out exclusive offers

You can send out coupons through SMS Gateway API to your clients, adding a coupon or voucher to your SMS, which they can show to avail
the offer. This works fine for cinemas, theme parks, restaurants and retailers, also now travel industries have started using it to give discounts on flights and rooms.

Let your clients know about a sale

SMS can be sent to client base to tell them when you have a sale on, with short details of what is on offer for them. You can also send reminder SMS when the sale is about to end.

New product launches

Informing your customers and prospective clients about the new product launches, latest or new line of products available online or in-store. This is an effective way to build interest that brings people to your store or website to check out the products or buy.

Customers love to get great deals, which are for exclusive members. Sending out offers and discounts to your clients encourages brand loyalty and makes for a happy client experience. You can also take the idea of exclusivity further by dividing your mobile database to create a list of most valuable clients and then send exclusive deals only for them to reward their brand loyalty.