Summer season is the peak business time for tours and travel companies. For families it is great time to travel because schools and a number of offices are closed for summer vacations and even hotels provide great exclusive offers during this peak holiday season. As a result, huge number of families and groups plan visits to exotic and scenic destinations. This means you being a tour and travel company have huge chances to increase your revenue and generate more business for your firm.

This is where reaching out to your targeted audience and promoting your services becomes essential. In today’s cut-throat marketplace, it is essential that you stay in constant contact with your customers and reach out to more people to make them aware of your firm and how they can benefit from your services. In this aspect, bulk SMS service seems to be the best aspect for several tours and travel companies and agencies.

  • It assists them to give out quick information and updates about tour packages to customers.
  • Use bulk SMS service to market various tour packages like hill station, wildlife safaris, honeymoon, pilgrimage, etc. that suit the interests of the clients.
  • Via SMS API you can send instant updates about travel schedule, alerts on cancellation, delays or information about fares, emergency happenings, etc. This won’t only help you keep your customers updated, but encourage repeat bookings.
  • Being one of the fastest and cheapest channels of communication, bulk SMS service has huge potential in promoting tours and travel services.

How tour operators and travel agencies benefit from SMS marketing?

Announce promotions

Use text messages to announce exclusive offers (organized tours, travel packages, flights, hotels etc.) during low season to boost clients to book merely by sending an SMS.

Improve client service

SMS your clients on their departure date with their flight time and terminal. Further you can automate your Bulk Transactional SMS and send them at later date to maintain the relationship (like birthday wishes with an exclusive offer) and encourage them to make bookings with you every time they think about visiting a destination.

Create new contacts

Encourage potential clients to subscribe to your SMS updates by sending a keyword (e.g. name of your agency) to let them know about last minute offers, deals and news.

Mobile brochures

Clients can send a text message to your number with “your company’s name + brochure name+ their email address” to get a PDF of the complete brochure sent to their email ID.

SMS marketing is a simple way to stay connected with your clients and you can keep them updated about latest offers and deals. So, don’t waste time, and start promoting your tour packages and firm now to generate more business and get more clients this summer and beyond.

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