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How to Effectively Send Bulk Messages to Your Target Audience

In the olden days brochures and catalogs were used to promote the services and products. Then, companies started contacting customers through annoying calls by salesman, forcing you to buy their products. Nowadays, as technology and media evolved, the companies have started to use Bulk SMS marketing. It varies from promotions that “all items on flat 50%” from your favorite store to information about a new product or service, but all messages are sent to you via your mobile phone.

One can read it immediately or go back to it after a while, but unlike other ads customer don’t mind reading the SMS they receive. Increasingly businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of instant, low cost communication via bulk SMS to colleagues and customers.

How to send bulk SMS?

Usually, businesses think that they need an IT department to send bulk SMS, but thankfully this is not the case. You don’t need an in-house IT department or need to be a computer whizz-kid to leverage SMS technology. Instead, organizations can turn to a bulk SMS gateway provider for simple ways to send their SMS. An SMS API gateway provider will give you an easy to use interface, one A-Z pricing list and one point of contact for send bulk SMS.

Still, if you are new to bulk SMS, you might be wondering if there are various ways to send SMS. Here are simple breakdown of a few top ways that businesses can send SMS through a bulk SMS gateway.

Sending SMS From a spread sheet / Excel sheet

Probably the simplest ways to send bulk SMS is through SMS add-ons for a spread sheet or Microsoft excel sheet applications. Although only a few service providers provide this service, it makes sending SMS extremely easy. It enables organizations to use information stored in their spreadsheet or Excel sheet application to send SMS. The add-ons remove the need to exit the excel or spreadsheet app to switch to the SMS app, you can send messages directly from the sheets.

Sending text messages from Tally/ERP

Bulk SMS for ERP or Tally SMS add-on allows you to send text messages to any mobile phone across the globe directly from Tally or any other ERP software. Sending text messages from Tally/ERP is simple and you don’t any extra hardware or tool to function. It just uses internet to send text messages.

Sending SMS by automation by Bulk SMS

There are add-ons that allow you to send automated text messages to your customers on particular actions, like when they sign up, place an order, change password or payment status etc. This add-on doesn’t take the trouble of sending text messages every time, during every phase but it also allows you to get alerts as administrator on events like when a new signup is done or a new order is placed.

So, when choosing an Transactional SMS gateway for your bulk SMS marketing, make sure you choose someone that provides you with ample of add-ons to help you take the hassle and trouble out of the bulk SMS campaign.


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